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Mr Irons has been involving the cotton trading business since 1970s. And he is the JP of Hong kong, which is the top honor to the people who has the highest influence and contribution to the Hong Kong society. Mr Irons is the member of Hong Kong Labour advisory /Hong Kong Citizen Advisory Committee on community relations, and also Hong Kong trade Development Council etc.  The most important, Mr Irons Sze is the member of the national committee of CPPCC and member of Beijing committee of CPPCC. He has been attending many meetings with the central government as the representative of Hong Kong Elites and millionaire.

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Guozhu (Peter) Lu is the risk control manager of Hang Tung Resources limited. He is charging all of the credit approval and business development. Peter had been working in China Textile Resources  Group for more than 15 years for cotton and associated commodities trading. Peter is highly known in the cotton and fiber industry, and he traded cotton in most cotton producing areas, including United States/ China/ India/ Australia/ Brazil and the other countries.

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Soyya Liu is good at the physical commodity trading and the trade finance based on the physical trading, she has the high reputation in the trading industry and also build up a wide networking with most of all the commercial banks. She develops the supply chain finance model on the related company trading finance, and also, she launched the first Chinese trading company in Chicago for the vessel commodity trading.