Hang Tung Resources was established in H.K 1970s, it is a reputation comprehensive company in Hong Kong society and also in China Mainland. The president of the company, Sze Chi qing, is the famous gentleman in the Hong Kong society, and his family is ranked 7th on the Hong Kong most richest millionaire list.

Field soybeans

It has strong global network and complete value-added solutions. We aim to become a world-class investment company, securing high quality service to our customer, creating a win-win relationship with our customers.

Our core business is investment and agriculture commodity trading, it is covering commercial and residential realty investment, stock and other financial derivative instruments investment, oilseed and grain processing and trading, cotton trading and textile mills manufacturing.

We currently have offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen, Nanning, Changsha, Wuhan for both commercial and residential realty investment.

We are the shareholder of China weaving materials holding limited, it is the listed company in Hong Kong , the company code is HK3778; However, we not only supply  cotton not only supply cotton to our subsidiaries, we do trade our cotton to most of the Chinese textiles mills.

In Chicago area, we are trading soybean/corn and other feed ingredients, such as sorghum/ DDGS and other containerize grains. Meanwhile, we are participating the soybean crushing business in Fangcheng industry zone, we aim to step into the soybean crushing and processing business in the very soon future.

In Sydney Australia, we have offices there for cotton acreage trading and export business.

In Thailand, we have the investment firm for the commercial realty.

Our vision

To become a dominant player in commodity trading field and build bridges between origins and destinations.

Our Mission

To bridge American agriculture to Asian based on quality priority and efficient logistic guarantee.

Our core culture

Responsibility and integrity to be ourselves, globalization and collaboration to customers.

Our subsidiaries

Hang Tung Resources (USA) Co., Ltd


Hang Tung USA is located in Chicago area, and only 25 miles away from the CBOT. It is a global oilseed and grain trading company focused on the physical supply chain of oilseed and grain and other feed ingredients.

It is the member of US Grain Council, meanwhile, it is the member of American Soybean Association. Also, it is the member of American Cotton Shipping Association.

It is sourcing oilseed and grain from the local elevators, local ethanol plants and the local trading firm in U.S.A, also, it is participate the Brazilian domestic paper market trading, which is known as the paper market, based on this directly sourcing model, we can always guarantee high quality but a lower cost to our customer.

We know the on time shipment is another biggest concern for our customers, so we build up our charter team here for the ocean rate chartering and cargo tracking for the customers, whenever and wherever, we always secure an accurate and on time shipment to our customers.

Hang Tung Resources (AUS) Co., Ltd

Hang Tung AUS is located in Sydney area, and it is focus on the cotton bales sourcing and trading. It is seeking to supply Chinese market with long staple cotton but with premium quality.